Save Money

Time Entry and Billing Validation

Timber is designed to handle complex billing scenarios with hundreds of combinations of billing codes and rate validity periods for labor, equipment, line mileage, and custom/sundry items. Because utility-wide/contract-specific rules and union/vendor policies can all have an impact on the time crews bill for their work, Timber comes with a system to validate time entries and ensure rules are followed to prevent incorrect billing

Accurate Bids

By tracking the locations and species your utility’s entire “tree inventory”, and assessing the time and work required for previous cycles of an area to be completed, a large amount of data can be used to evaluate bid accuracy and push back against overly-high bids with hard data

Performance Reporting

By combining time entries with work management data, highly-detailed crew/planner/auditor performance metrics can be collected, allowing utilities and vendors to identify top-performing crews to learn from, or crews in need of coaching

Overlapping Circuits

Timber separates the concept of “areas” that trimming occurs in and “circuits” that exist within those areas. It displays the highest trimming specification per span based on all the circuits that exist within the span, allowing for mixed specs within one area. This can allow for large savings in areas of heavy underbuild that may have previously been trimmed multiple times per cycle unnecessarily

Work Automation

The assisted planning features Timber offers can greatly reduce the amount of time spent in the field by obtaining customer permission online or with an automated phone call, and tracking previously-identified trees. Timber also automates much of the workflow between different roles, cutting down the amount of direct communication needed between crews, GFs, and administrative personnel and saving time